• MSN,

    "Some of the information I learned at this training made me realize that I have lived a very sheltered life!"

  • DNP,

    "Being in the healthcare profession for several years, I realize after this presentation that I’m not up to date with new terms, statistics and information that comes about each year."

  • RN,

    “Increased respect for the transgender community! Having a bilingual speaker is great!”

  • Participant,

    “Very informative and insightful. Loved the presentation content and humor incorporated throughout!”

  • RN,

    “Extremely helpful program – very up to date and needed in our population!”

  • Curriculum reviewers say,

    “...This [HEALE] training could go a long way to building safer healthcare for LGBTQ elders.”

  • PhD participant,

    “Thorough review of the basics. Handled prejudices and ignorant questions with tremendous respect and empathy.”

The Nurses’ (HEALE) Curriculum

The Nurses’ Health Education About LGBTQ Elders curriculum is a six-hour cultural competency continuing education (CE) training for nurses and health care professionals who serve older LGBTQ adults and is provided for nurses and social workers free of charge. Below is a summary of the topics we address:

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An Introduction to the LGBTQ Elder Community

Was created to inform participants of essential terminology and concepts, including the terms lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender and to clarify the concepts of sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. This module will help providers understand factors that impact LGBTQ older adults access to care and develop best practices for provding care to this population. Finally, this module will discuss the importance of cultural humility when working with LGBTQ older adults and help providers recognize and address implicit bias.

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Barriers to Health Care and Health Disparities

Defines and explores general health concerns unique to the LGBTQ elder population as well as specific disparities experienced by different populations within the LGBTQ community. The module continues with a discussion of why these health disparities exist, including barriers to care, minority stress, and social determinants of health.

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Sex and Sexuality of LGBTQ Elders

Discusses the health benefits of sexual activity for LGBTQ elders. In addition, there is a practical activity to explore core elements of conducting an accurate and comprehensive sexual history. The module identifies risk behaviors and prevention techniques that LGBTQ elders may use to reduce the risk and incidence of sexually transmitted infections. Finally, this module looks at ways to create safe, sex-positive environments for LGBTQ elders.

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Legal Concerns for LGBTQ Elders

Delves into legal concerns common for the LGBTQ elder community, that often translate into financial instability at a time when people need financial certainty. Alternative family structures are examined as they relate to care during aging. Included in this module is a discussion of issues related to LGBTQ long-term care and housing needs. Finally, there is an examination of end-of-life issues related to LGBTQ elders including advance directives.

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Introduction to the Transgender Community

Provides an overview of the transgender and gender nonconforming community, including basic terminology, history, and common myths. This module also discusses the basics of gender affirming medical care, including special considerations for older adults. Finally, this module helps providers develop best practices for working with transgender older adults.

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HIV & Aging

The final module, HIV and Aging, focusses on basic principles of HIV transmission and antiretroviral treatment of HIV. This module explores the importance of HIV testing in the older population and how to differentiate between common geriatric diseases of aging and the course of HIV/AIDS and antiretroviral (ARV) therapy. Additionally, the module includes common challenges in the extended treatment of HIV in older adults.

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Train the Trainer

Nurse allies, upon completing the 6-hour HEALE training, have the opportunity to learn how to administer HEALE to co-workers and peer advocates. This 3-hour intensive course provides interactive discussion and problem solving for technical and facilitation challenges that may occur.  Currently unavailable, Howard Brown Health staff can customize site specific education for your team!

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